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Quick doodle of the devas with their greatest task yet, helping out Gamagori on his date XD


Quick doodle of the devas with their greatest task yet, helping out Gamagori on his date XD


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bye they’re so cute. this is so cute

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Nicolas & Alex scanned from the 5th GANGSTA. volume.
Nicolas & Alex scanned from the 5th GANGSTA. volume.
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People on here always postin pics of their pets like they got nothin else to post. Like do you think I even care about pics of your pets? Well I do. Please keep posting pics of your pets


Nishiura boys.

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#nintendogsmemories is trending on twitter and


if this is not a gpoy then your childhood was wrong

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you tellin me mangas aint japanese colouring books

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if there’s one thing i want in my life it’s that dmmd voice announcer guy shouting the names of all my friends every time i run into them

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If you’re going to read manga please do not use MangaFox, MangaHere, or any other similar sites - the manga hosting sites with all the ads. I thought this was pretty well-known (it’s pretty well-known among scanlation groups I’ve found) but apparently it’s not so here’s the information on it.

Scanlators do not like those sites - I know of groups that have shutdown because of those sites. There’s a couple of reasons they do not like them and a quick search can bring up further details but here’s the main facts:

  1. Those sites make a huge profit margin off of scanlator’s work - they only pay hosting fees and those ads bring in money too. Most Scanlators work for free - sometimes they ask for donations but that’s it. Mangafox/here and other sites takes those works and makes money off of it. A lot of those sites are also run by the same group - NOEZ. (x) (x) (x)
  2. These sites do not ask scanlators for their permission to host their scans.
  3. They are not scanlator-friendly. (There’s been cases of them removing scanlators’ watermarks and placing in their own when watermarks - making it seem like they are responsible for the scanlations - were put in because of this.) They say they will take it down if a scanlation if the group contacts them but there’s been cases of them ignoring requests until huge amounts of readers BACK THE SCANLATORS UP TO GET THOSE SCANLATIONS OFF THE PAGE. 

Either go to the scanlation group’s website or Batoto. Baka-Updates usually does a good job of keeping up scanlator’s projects - what they’re working on, publishing schedule, and when they last updated a series so they’re a good resource to see who’s working on what manga. Batoto’s nice because all of the money they make goes to two places: hosting fees + scanlation teams for RAWS, they don’t watermark, they give credit to scanlation team, and they allow easy access for scanlators to upload/remove their projects. (x)

PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT MANGAFOX OR ANY OF THOSE OTHER SITES. Respect the scanlation teams and their wishes - they’re the ones who provide you with the content after all. 

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do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

We Will Find Her~ 
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